Kosher-Certified | Zero Additives | Made with Clean, Renewable Energy


Our tequila distillery is Kosher-certified. This allows us to offer the highest standards of purity for tequila. 100% Blue Weber Agave. 100% free of all additives. Rested and aged in American Oak barrels.

We utilize solar panels and the regenerative Hurst BioMass boiler to source clean, renewable energy to produce our tequila. We were the first distillery in Mexico to implement these processes.

Blue Weber Agave Tequila

Meet Our Celebrity


Gilberto Jasso-Garcia is a master distiller, fermentation scholar, and radical innovator.

Driven by scientific rigor, intellectual curiosity, and unsurpassed passion, Jasso-Garcia is a legend. Dos Caras is his masterpiece—the tequila he pours for family and friends in his home.

Our Distillery

NOM 1460

Opening in 1995, NOM 1460 Company Tequilera de Arandas is where our master distiller, Gilberto Jasso-Garcia, crafts Dos Caras.

Our facility is one of only two distilleries that utilize vertical autoclaves. The vertical positioning stews every part of the agave to create a more pronounced yet nuanced flavor.

Our Process

You can’t put a price on time

Halved and shredded, our agave is cooked in vertical autoclaves for up to 16 hours. This vertical positioning stews every part of the agave in its own juices to create a more pronounced yet nuanced agave flavor. After cooking, the stewed agave is passed through rollers to squeeze out the sweetness of the juice. We are one of only two distilleries that use this method.

The stewed agave fibers are milled and injected with water to extract every ounce of honeywater (aguamiel). Since 60% of tequila is water, we source ours from our own well that’s 250 meters deep. We apply a reverse osmosis process to remove all impurities.

Fermentation takes three to five days in stainless steel vats, depending on the temperature of the season.

Dos Caras is twice distilled in copper stills. The copper reacts on a molecular level with the sulfurs produced during fermentation. The sulfurs, which would otherwise leave a bitter taste, bind to the copper, freeing the flavors of the agave.

The Land

Arandas Jalisco, Mexico

Our agave are grown in Arandas, the highlands of Jalisco. This area is known for its red, mineral-rich soil and temperate climate. Highland agave is larger than those that grow in the lowlands, with a higher sugar content.

The terroir of tequila’s “Golden Triangle” (Arandas, Atotonilco, and Tepatitlan) delivers a uniquely delicate profile—one infused with the citruses of early summer.