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Extra Añejo Tequila


Sweet, roasted agave paired with notes of honey, maple, raisin, vanilla, pear, and caramel.


Committed to sustainable distilling practices, we utilize solar panels and the regenerative Hurst BioMass boiler to source clean, renewable energy for the production of our tequila. We were the first distillery in Mexico to implement these processes.

Dos Caras is also 100% minority and female owned. 100% of our Quality Control, Bottle Line, and Packaging is minority owned, with 90% of that share being female-driven.

Cut and shredded, our agave is cooked in vertical autoclaves for up to 16 hours. This vertical positioning stews every part of the agave in its own juices to create a more pronounced yet nuanced agave flavor. We are only one of two distilleries that use this method.
Our tequila is twice distilled. First in stainless steel, then in copper stills.

The copper reacts on a molecular level with the sulfurs produced during fermentation. The sulfurs, which would otherwise leave a bitter taste, bind to the copper, freeing the flavors of the agave.

Aged for five years in American Oak barrels.

Honey. Maple. Raisin. Vanilla. Pear. Caramel. Sweet, roasted agave.

Only now do you understand that the air is the wind the way deserts were once the seas.

Hecho en México

Our four expressions of tequila are made from the Blue Weber agaves grown in the highlands of Arandas, Jalisco. This part of Mexico is known as the “Golden Triangle” of tequila. From seed to harvest to distillation, it takes at least 8 years to make a single bottle of Dos Caras tequila. An expression of land, attention, and time. Without counterfeit. Without imitation.

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Platinum Blanco Tequila


El Lírico. This is the stuff. Medium body with fresh cooked agave and touches of citrus, mint, and cinnamon.

Premium Reposado Tequila


El Atrevido. Medium body with mild undertones of oak, hints of honey, and citrus fruits—a slight smoke to the finish.

Supreme Añejo Tequila


El Misterioso. Caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch. Oak finish with undertones of sweet cooked agave.

Extra Añejo Tequila

El Mítico. Sweet, roasted agave paired with notes of honey, maple, raisin, vanilla, pear, and caramel.

Made and bottled in Jalisco, we picked Las Vegas to launch Dos Caras because—look at this place. Where else do you find a vibe, a style, and a people as lyrical, daring, and uncanny as Vegas?

Dos Caras embodies the complexities and contradictions of Las Vegas, where dualities and dichotomies give life its force and living its essence.

We’re not going to lie, liquor laws are strange and vary widely from state to state. In fact, it wasn’t even legal to buy spirits online until a few years ago. Things are changing—and they’ll continue to change.

In the meantime, we’ve partnered with BottleNexus so you can buy Dos Caras directly from this website, depending on where you live. Drop a few bottles in your cart, and we’ll take it from there.

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